Peer pressure is used to excellent effect in the Scottish Police Department's new anti-rape campaign — a particularly notable effort in the quest to end sexual violence because it shifts a crime's blame fully on to the perpetrator. This is contra to some of the more disturbing ad campaigns anti-rape advocates have employed in recent years, like this gem from the Pennsylvania Liquor Board in 2011:


Image courtesy of Feministing.

Unlike the ad above, Scotland's campaign does not inadvertently fault the victim; nor does it equate drinking to conditions that make one "vulnerable to date rape." Yikes. 

And despite last week's setback re: the defeat of the military assault bill, and despite the seemingly constant drivel of super-conservative GOP-ers who either discount/don't believe in rape (ahem, STILL looking at you ex-Representative Todd Akin), and despite the current scandalous state of various universities' anti-rape's nice to know that there are a few governments out there that are bold enough to directly address young men: 



This campaign asks of all gentlemen, "What can you do to prevent sexual violence?" Their website also makes a point of defining "rape" as a wide gamut— and one that includes having sex with someone when they're too drunk/asleep/in any condition whatsoever that might compromise their consent. This tactic actually echoes another noteworthy anti-rape effort that took Canadian campuses by storm earlier this year — the "More Than Yes" campaign, which emphasized enthusiastic consent. So while we're in the neighborhood, here's another 10,000 savvy points for our buddies to the North: 


Image courtesy of The Huffington Post. 


...but the Scottish campaign is also super awesome because it's one of the first to acknowledge male victims:



Bravo, Scotland. Bravo, all individual institutions and countries that are firm and forthright with their demand to end the violence. Meanwhile, according to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN), an American is sexually assaulted every two minutes. Now wouldn't it be cool if we followed Scotland's aggressive suit? 


Campaign images courtesy of Police Scotland.


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