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!Opulent Oddities! Antique Found Object Jewelry


Opulence, curiosity, sensuality, antiquity, mystery, romance, sophistication. Welcome to Opulent Oddities. I get my inspiration for my jewelry from the grimy history that’s not in history books, but written all over the walls. I use only antique and vinta ...


It's Your Life


Its Your Life on Etsy is proud to present a selection of vintage and new cabochons adorned with vintage hand screened images.Also available in my Etsy shop are a few of my finished jewelry designs. -- I invite you to come read my "Profile" and "Sho ...


~Its Your Life Handmade~


* New Vintage Jewelry *Handmade in Canada* http://itsyourlifeshop.com *Find Its Your Life in Toronto:-Pretty Freedom- -Girl Friday Clothing- -Miracle Thieves-In Vancouver:-Virgin Marys Clothing and Cool- -The Goods Screening a ...