Drag Queen Pattaya


In Half-Drag, the renowned photographer Leland Bobbé aims to explore the personal and cultural implications of the tensions between “feminine” and “masculine” aesthetics. A diverse set of New York City drag queens serve as his subjects, but only one half of their form undergoes the transformation, leaving half of the sitter’s visage untouched by make-up, shaving, or hair pieces. 


Drag Queen Heido Glum

Bobbé’s subjects appear as if split down the middle, and what emerges from the images is a stark portrait of the dualities that exist within all of us. The vibrant colors and sharp contours that characterize Bobbé’s work operate here as a means of emphasizing man and womankind’s potential for stunning metamorphoses: “Through the power of hair and makeup these men are able to completely transform themselves and find their female side while simultaneously showing their male side," explains the artist. Each sitter’s gaze remains beautifully ambiguous, allowing the eye to travel in opposing directions while revealing the intricacies in each face. 


Drag Queen Miss Fame


Drag Queen Crystal Demure


Drag Queen Pusse Couture


Drag Queen Vivienne Pinay


Drag Queen Roxy Brooks


Drag Queen Titiana Steele


Drag Queen Maddelyn Hatter


Drag Queen Kittin Withawhip


Drag Queen Jordan Fox


Drag Queen Honey Labronx


Drag Queen Honey Davenport


Thanks to Lost at E Minor, Refinery 29, and Huffington Post

Images via Lost at E Minor

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