HauteButch: Masculine Fashion For Whoever Wants It

A fashion initiative  for anyone who is jealous of how on point Shane McCutcheon on The L Word (played by Katherine Moennig) always looks. HauteButch gives new meaning to fashion inclusivity with menswear that fits anyone who desires to wear it — butch, androgynous, and straight women, as well as transmen, all have a one-stop place to shop.

Thanks to Karen Roberts, a California-based US Navy Veteran, this fashion line encompasses the style of men’s clothing and a fit that is somewhere in between men’s and women’s fashion. It isn’t feminized with frills and lace, and it isn’t too baggy or long. It fits. Through a new kickstarter, you can keep this clothing company strong and support the manufacturing costs of the 2015 line.

Roberts founded the firm in 2012, with her wife of ten years Michelle. They make high quality, high-end men’s wear that actually fits the female figure as to make all non-cisgendered male menswear-ers feel good, comfortable, and confident in their clothes. The kickstarter will allow backers an inside look on the development of the new line, including the new Gotham Jacket and button up shirts.


HauteButch aims to be more than an LGBTQ line. It aims to be mainstream, and to be noticed as a revolution in fashion. Women and transmen need to take power back in the clothes they want to wear. It is great to see that something like this exists, especially with a self-identified butch designer at the forefront.

Check out the website and kickstarter to find your favorite items, and make the Shane in your life swoon over your new style.  

Photos via Kickstarter and Facebook 

Nicolette Mason Teams Up With ModCloth for an Inclusive Fashion Line

Susan Gregg Koger, ModCloth co-creator & Nicolette Mason fashion writer and designer


Nicolette Mason, a 20-something fashion columnist and editor, finally has a fashion line with ModCloth! If you aren’t already familiar with Nicolette’s particular brand of awesome, you might have forgotten you've stumbled upon her column “Big Girl Skinny World”  in Marie Claire or on Cosmo’s YouTube channel. If not, well here is a way to start falling in love with her: Mason paired up with Mod Cloth to create a fashion line of a 11 items ranging from XS-4X (which is about a 28/30)! This edgy and girly line, think Rizzo from Grease, can fit every member of your friend group because Mason kept in mind size and color as to flatter all shapes and skin tones! What a cool lady and awesome idea!

Mason told Refinery29, “I’m sort of obsessed with all iterations of girl power, and dismantling the idea that we have to compete with each other to succeed. I’m inspired much more by supporting other women who are doing awesome things, and [I] wanted to bring that to life in a super fun way.” This refreshing attitude of whimsy and empowerment may be why Mason debuted her line with fellow bloggers in a new video and photo shoot. 

Bloggers Dannielle Owens-Reid, Christina Topacio, Nicolette Mason & Gabi Gregg

Together with Nicolette’s background in design from Parson’s and Mod Cloth's co-creator, Susan Gregg Koger, and the input from their team, the collection brings a deeper awareness of fashion inclusion. We all know there are styles of clothes we wish we could wear, but for whatever reason some items don't come in our size or suit our bodies. Now, with help from these ladies, those worries may be a thing of the past. I'm very glad that these women have a mutual passion for fashion, pugs, and having bi-costal ties (Nicolette is from LA, where the ModCloth headquarters is located) and are bringing their collaborative efforts to the masses. You can read more about ModCloth and inclusivity in fashion here

Watch the video of these gorgeous fashion bloggers in the new gorgeous clothing line below!

Photos c/o Nicolette Mason's blog and ModCloth's blog

10 Sexy Halloween Costumes- for Men!

Start carving those pumpkins kids, 'cuz Halloween is right around the corner. October 31st is, in my not so humble opinion, the sexiest holiday, depending on whether or not you find stuffing a Thanksgiving turkey at all sexual. To each her own. Anyway, the annual celebration is guaranteed to bring with it an onslaught of girls dressed in skimpy renditions of cops, pirates, or bunnies.

If that’s your bag and you feel confident as hell walking down the street wearing a potentially flammable ensemble, then by all means, you do you, girl. But how about the gentlemen in the crowd? I don’t think it’s fair that they get to hide behind an adequate layer of fabric, especially if the tail end of October is freezing cold, when the ladies trot out in little more than lingerie and devil horns.  So, in the spirit of equality, here are ten of the sluttiest slash sexiest slash most scandalous men’s Halloween costumes for the coquettish dudes in your life. Have a fun, fabulous and above all SAFE All Hallows' Eve! 

10. Hot Scottie, hotcostumes.com, $49.99

I don't even care if they talk funny, Scottish men are always HOT. 


9. Sexy Fireman, onlinefancydress.com, $27.88

Three alarm all the way.


8. Leather Cowboy, abcunderwear.com, $55.95



7. Candyman Caveman, eBay, $31.90

Fred Flintstone would probably not approve. Wilma, most definitely. 


6. Babe Barbarian, 3wishes.com, $64.95

Show me your sword. 


5. Guilty Pleasure Inmate, 3wishes.com, $44.95

Orange is the New Black spinoff? Yes, please. 


4. Naughty Seaman, eBay, $30.40

Ahoy sailor!


3. Classic Chippendale, amazon.com, $27.50

Be prepared to dance, gentlemen. 


2. Officer Frisk, candymanfashion.com, $35.12

Where does he hide his gun??


1. And of course, there's always the perennial favorite: Sexy Kitty, priceless


images c/o: amazon, ebay, candyman, 3wishes, zoofashion

Staten Island Girls Fight School Dress Code

When I was in high school, I remember only seeing girls ridiculed for their tank tops or shorts. But the boys were able to walk by the deans revealing their boxers while sagging their pants or wearing tank tops, and with ease! So I can understand the frustration of the students at Tottenville High School in Staten Island.

With a new school year, a new dress code was enforced. This dress code bans tank tops, short-shorts, miniskirts, leggings, skinny jeans, headbands, halter-tops, sweats, hats, hoodies, sunglasses, and more. Before students enter the building, there are fifteen staff members outside the building hunting for a violation.

During the first two weeks of the new “Dress For Success” code landed 200 kids in detention, 90 percent of them girls, detained because they wore shorts or tank tops to stay cool in the un-air-conditioned school.  Students who were detained had to either put on a large t-shirt and gym shorts, or wait in the auditorium for their parents to bring them a different outfit.

The student body has since protested that this dress code is sexist and biased against young women. One student said it was “humiliating to be pulled aside like an object” when told her outfit was inappropriate. In response, students continued to wear crop tops and tank tops. The officers outside the school intimidated the students, and the protest was cancelled.  

In response, the school district officials released a statement saying they have the right to enforce a dress code when a student’s clothing, “creates a distraction, is dangerous, or interferes with the learning and teaching process.”


Girls have to alter their appearance to not distract their male classmates. Instead of publicly shaming these young girls for wearing shorts in warm weather, teach boys not to over sexualize the female body! By interrupting a girl’s education to force her to change clothes, you are telling her that making sure boys have a distraction free environment is more important than her education.    

One student told the Staten Island Advance, “I get that they want to teach us to respect ourselves and others, and that they want us to dress for success, but if you’re comfortable and relaxed in class – not sweltering or fearful you’re going to get pulled aside – you can pay attention better and learn.”

Cheers to that! 

Image via CBS New York. 

10 Awesome Collars to Help You Dress Like The Notorious R.B.G

Well ladies, it's that time of year again, with the trees about to shed their leaves and 2015 looming right around the corner. If, like me, you have decided to revamp your wardrobe, then look no further than emerging style icon, well-spoken women's rights advocate, and all-around badass lady Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Everyone could use a little Supreme Court dowager in their closet: equal parts eccentricity, black robe, and thoughtful dissent

If you saw Justice Ginsburg’s supreme collection of detachable collars (I mean, jabots) - you know what I’m talking about. Here are ten fashionable collars that will have you looking classy and powerful for fall, just like RBG. Now to begin curating my own treasure trove of jabots... 

1. Classic White Lace at Ninellfux ($39.00)


2. Cats from Byelhe ($25.95)


3. Bright and floral from MUHAMORS ($20.00)


4. Go vintage from CloudAvenue ($18.00)


5. High drama ivory from KarybdisAtelier ($51.91)


6. Necktie inspired collar from tlcHaberdashery ($35.50)


7. Fierce dragon scales! From AliceAndSara ($40.00)


8. Wednesday Addams vibe from LittleBunga ($13.00)


9. Leather cut-out from EllaSpalding ($33.03)


10. If Ginsburg has a sailor collar, we can't not have a sailor collar...from majsk ($20.00)


Bonus: learn how to make your own and never go collarless again - it's unconstitutional, really. 

 Have fun, look great and all hail the Notorious R.B.G.!


Images via New Yorker, Ninellfux, Byelhe, MUHAMORS, CloudAvenue, KarybdisAtelier, tlcHaberdasheryAliceAndSaraLittleBunga, EllaSpalding, majsk, Rookie



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