Though many of us love to sleep more than LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, getting a new mattress can be a daunting task. Especially in light of recent studies conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health and other institutions, in which scientists learned that many mattresses come with the caveat of serious health risks. That's right: in addition to the threats of creaky bed-frames and poor support, many of our sleeping pads contain harmful toxins, possible carcinogens and even obesogens (a.k.a. chemicals that promote weight gain). As we love to sleep so very, very much, shouldn't we be mindful of what it is we're sleeping on? Try these modifiers on for size: luxurious, sumptuous, organic...

For those in the market, Savvy Rest is sponsoring a promotion this month on their organic bedding products. Their mattresses are made of natural latex, certified organic wool, and certified organic cotton. And if you order a Savvy Rest mattress any time before March 31st, you'll receive FREE: two organic pillows, an organic mattress pad, and one matching set of organic sheets. You can find out more about the sweet deals here.

If we could, we'd spend more than the necessary third of our lives asleep – so as intelligent women, shouldn't we create the conditions for the sweetest possible dreams? Make it a point to rest easy – and safely. Go Savvy!  



This post is sponsored by Savvy Rest. 

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