I have always had a very vocal hatred of Crocs.  I mean, I get it. They are practical shoes for my mom to garden in and my little brothers to use in water…
Just to be clear - I just was never sold on them. In any way whatsoever.


So why am I bringing this traumatizing memory out of its grave?! Because I swear I just saw the Crocs of heels.  

Okay. So they don’t look exactly like crocs - but they are rubberized. And they are hideous. So basically they are one in the same. 

Just don't question me - okay?

The latest “trend” from Dior is honestly, just a really expensive chew toy. It’s like someone thought: “How could we possibly make shoes more tempting for dogs to chew on?” Here it is!! 


It looks like a normal pointy-toe heel that has been sliced in half and filled with blue rubber… and a dash of green for added benefit! Oh, and while we're adding things to this chew toy… how about a strap at the top! YUP.  That way your dog can chew on it while it is attached to your foot and they won’t be able to pull it off! 

Images courtesy of refinery29, crocs.com, and petinsurance.com

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