What would happen if you combined the Madonna with Lisa Frank's Technicolor magic? The answer exists: "Virgencita Plis," the creation of Mexico-based company Distroller, is a cutesy, colorful cartoon of the Virgin Mary. Her image is printed on an endless slew of products, accompanied by sayings and "prayers" for love, health, and protection.  

Amparo Serrano is the owner of Distroller and mind behind Virgentica Plis ("Plis" being a stylized version of "please"). Though she started out only 10 years ago with "nothing," her company is expecting to bring in $50 million dollars this year from a combination of sales and licensing fees to companies like Wal-Mart and Cartoon Network. 

Though people question the validity behind turning a religious figure into a novelty, Serrano doesn't understand this perspective. She comes from a highly religious background and considers Virgencita Plis a way to make religion more accessible, not a way to water-down its importance. All I can say is that if I had gel-pens with the Virgin Mary on them instead of crotchety Sunday-School teachers who told me doing yoga was a form of devil-worship...well, I'd probably be a little more spiritually inclined. 

Check out some of these Virgencita Plis products we unearthed:

(Rule for life: If it's on a cake, it's important.)


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