Like children, our dogs are often our surrogates; we project our most profound desires and our silliest musings onto them, and they stare back at us with loving and knowing eyes. It’s said that dogs and their human companions begin to look alive and share mannerisms after a long friendship. 



For New York City’s high fashion elite, there’s a doggie universe that caters to the most extravagant dreams of luxury. In her series Dog Vogue, the photographer Sophie Gamand unveils the world of animal couture. With the help of renowned “pet couturier” Anthony Rubio, Gamand presents whimsical yet touchingly earnest portraits of the dogs of New York’s runway. The dashing group of canines, mostly chihuahuas, are portrayed in a manner that highlights the pride associated with these pricey outfits while also pointing out the utter absurdity of the industry. Some dogs look right at home, and others look perplexed, but they’re all troopers who deserve a round of applause! Take a look, and let us know what you think in the comments. 



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