Whatever be your thoughts on HBO's Girls (and if you're like everyone else on the internet, you have a lot of thoughts) – Lena Dunham and her merry band of dysfunctional twentysomethings return to the small screen this Sunday, at 10 p.m. We've been warned to expect a naked female body or two; accordingly, one loudmouthed sadist has already raised a stink.

Regardless: if you like Girls, perhaps you do so because the show's nouveau-mumblecore writing perfectly echoes the voice of your own neurotic, quarter-life crisis. Then again, the show might just be the easiest way to explain your indolent Brooklyn art life to your parents. Even if you're not a devoted fan of Zosia Mamet's prim Carrie Bradshaw disciple or Jemima Kirke's erratic, hysterical princess – you've seen an episode or four. You also might keep coming back because there's something hypnotic about a woman who is unabashed about how she's portrayed to a highly critical public.  There's also that. 

Dunham should probably be credited as the leader of a movement – her show has motivated dozens and dozens of prime-time homages, web-series', blogs, and even an off-off Broadway play. So as you prepare for this Sunday – whatever may come – you'd do well to respect the legacy.

...And better yet, ramp up to full half-hour programming by revisiting (or discovering!) one of these lesser known, funny-female-made web-series'. They'll each have you rethinking “lady-like,” just in time for those...heavens forbid!...naked women on the telly.

Drunk Girls in Heels, created by a fledgling trifecta of new comediennes, lampoons and loves the well-worn trope that is the "metro party girl." Think Sex and the City...if no one ever left the bar.

VAG Magazine, composed of a skilled cast of ladies from the Upright Citizens Brigade, is a show about a  self-proclaimed “hipster third wave feminist magazine” struggling with its own day-to-day upkeep. Bonus fact: this show features a pre-SNL Kate McKinnon. Also, it is especially funny to us. 

...and Chloe and Zoe, from the far coast, is about two listless friends who have trouble leaving the house.

Share your own new, beloved lady shows below! 

Episode One of Drunk Girls in Heels.


Episode One of Vag Magazine.


Episode One of Chloe and Zoe. 

Image courtesy of Jill Stanek. 

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