Tyra Banks has partnered up with Special K Cereal to promote positive conversations about body image. According to the Kellogg's Newsroom, 93% of women engage in fat talk  and make self-depecrating comments about their bodies. FightFatTalk.com  and the trending #fightfattalk is about silencing  negativity, hence the "Shhh" gesture you might see on the website. 

"I know how much criticizing your body negatively affects self-esteem," says Tyra, "but as a role model I try to maintain a positive attitude and healthy approach to managing my weight."

"Kiss my fat ass!" -Tyra Banks 

Let's keep in mind though that this refers to our conversations during weight management, and it's not just being happy with our bodies in general.  It's good to eat healthy snacks and I certainly won't knock a campaign that encourages women to have a positive view of themselves, but aren't we kinda being sold here? Usually women are told through advertisements that they need to diet because they're not thin enough. Now we're being told to 'stop being so critical!' We are encouraged to continue to consume products that help us manage our weight, but this time we should have more faith in ourselves to lose weight while we do so! Or maybe we need to accept that Special K products don't work miracles, and be satisfied with minimal results, (which in some cases wouldn't be such a bad thing). Either way, we are encouraged to purchase and consume, even though we will always be fat cows  beautiful princesses. 

What's your take? Marketing ploy or healthy campaign? 


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