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Dollhouse - Vintage 70s Detective Jacket Everyone should enter the ROCK THE JACKET contest from one of our coolest advertisers, Dollhouse. It is so easy. Friend them on Facebook, take a photo of yourself in your Dollhouse jacket, and show them how to wear it.

A leather jacket goes with everything. A sweet, summer dress? Hells yeah. Badass jeans. Duh. Every girl needs at least one leather jacket. If you live in New York, you might need three.

BUT, if you're an animal rights activist, like me, it is important to find vegan friendly, faux leather jackets. If you are a writer, broke, and barely clinging onto your Williamsburg loft, like me, it is important to find an affordable jacket that actually keeps you warm. Basically, I am in totally in love with Dollhouse. It is a great label and totally adorable/affordable.

Because I love my Dollhouse jacket so much, I am entering the ROCK THE JACKET contest. Oh yeah. Anyone can enter, and you should too. It's fun. I mean, who doesn't love taking pictures of themselves...why else would we all have Facebook?

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