Laurie » 5pm - Jan 18, 2013
"Jer-Z Knights" is an 8 minute "rockudramedy" depicting a typical day for the New Jersey gods of 80's hair metal, Satanicide. Singer Devlin Mayhem (Dale May) and guitarist Aleister Cradley (Phil Costello) get bored mid-concert and decide to exit the club on a quest for White Castle hamburgers. Along the way they talk about their feelings, get into a drag race, crash the car and try every way possible to get back to the gig in time for the encore.*An official selection of the 2003 Sundance Film Festival.Directed by Dale May, written by Dale May & Phil Costello, starring the members of Satanicide: Dale May, Phil Costello, Pemberton Roach & Andrew Griffeths. Executive Producer: MOBY.www.facebook.com/satanicide www.satanicide.com
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