Dre Grigoropol » 1pm - Mar 5, 2013
Thrash Lab in collaboration with Giant Robot "Profiles" watercolor painter, Rob Sato. In this video Rob displays a rare mastery of the nearly uncontrollable medium of watercolor. Growing from his illustrative absurdest subject matter to a developed, yet clean abstraction. We catch Rob amidst his studio that's always "littered" with his obsessive meticulousness and never ending research.Music in this video provided by Goh Nakamura - http://bit.ly/c6Ar0F Visit http://www.robsato.com/ for more of Rob Sato's art work.SUBSCRIBE to Thrash Lab: http://bit.ly/IBc7f8 FOLLOW Thrash Lab on Twitter - http://twitter.com/thrashlabWatch More Thrash Lab "Profiles" ----- with photographer, Rony Alwin - http://bit.ly/VVlKsJ with animation artist, Molly Schiot - http://bit.ly/UbNXJF with light painter, Darren Pearson - http://bit.ly/OWCgJN with sculptor, Jaesun Kim - http://bit.ly/TSyU8H
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