Michelle Beiter » 11am - Mar 11, 2014
Download Lissie - "Cryin' to You" EP - http://smarturl.it/66qvc4"The band and I are very excited to release our new covers EP "Cryin' To You". Self-produced in our home of Ojai, CA. It's our first independent release! We were approached to cover "Mother" by Danzig which led to a fun week in the studio that inspired us to lay down some other covers we had either been playing live already or had been wanting to do. I chose "Story of My Life" because it was a current hit whose lyrics I could identify with. I chose "Electric Eye" because a friend suggested I check it out after a conversation we'd had about the Internet and privacy. It was ahead of its time! We've been performing "Hold On, We're Going Home" live and I think it's a really beautiful song. "To Ramona" I'd covered as a solo artist and its message still speaks to me today. We'd jokingly called what we made "roller rink folk metal" but as silly as it sounds I think this work is indicative of what's to come. Raw and tough...
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