cat_tyc » 11am - Jan 7, 2010
This piece started out as an adaptation of a very short story by Fernando Sorrentino called “There Is A Man in the Habit of Hitting Me Over the Head with an Umbrella”. I felt like the umbrella thwacking could be metaphorical for so many situations but realized that I had to make a decision to ground the character to warrant her emotional state. My creative background is influenced by a literary idea defined as the “New Narrativity” which most simply can be described as a hybrid of poetry and what we think of when we think of fiction. I was especially interested in taking on a methodology that the writer Kathy Acker tackled in her works by ‘writing her own narrative’ into great works like Great Expectations which seemed like the best way to approach this particular material. I decided that if this woman was trying to articulate her abortion experience to a psychiatrist it would be a way to leave the text as is but also ground the character to be accessible to an...
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