Lisa » 12pm - Nov 20, 2009
In the late 1970s in Leeds, a group of women called the Revolutionary Feminists splintered away from mainstream feminism. Unlike the socialists, who pictured a revolution where the ruling class and the working class would be on opposite sides, Revolutionary Feminists declared war on men. QUOTES "You have to be enraged. Rage is absolutely fundamental - not anger, it's not strong enough. It has to be rage." Sheila Jeffreys Their leading activist was academic Sheila Jeffreys. The Revolutionary Feminists' first move was to publish an inflammatory document called 'Political Lesbianism - the Case Against Heterosexuality'. It stated that in order to achieve liberation, women should stop having sexual relations with men. They rejected beauty practices, turning their backs on high-heeled shoes, make-up and uncomfortable clothes. They strove to eliminate men from their language, inventing new ways to spell 'wimmin'. They espoused separatism as a way of life and some even abandoned their sons....
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