Intern Gabi » 12pm - Jan 14, 2011
From the forthcoming album, "Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under" Out January 21stGet the song FREE at http://music.amandapalmer.net TODAY and get the album/merchandise bundles next week...-VIDEO- Director: Michael Pope Camera: Hillary Spera Merkins & All Things Art: Zea Barker & Cassandra Long Producer: Michael Pope © 2011 Amanda Palmer & Michael Pope-SONG- Written by Amanda Palmer, Hal Ritson, and Michele BalduzziLyrics & Vocals: Amanda Palmer Ukulele: Guthrie Govan Keyboards & Programming: Hal Ritson, and Michele BalduzziProducers: Amanda Palmer, Hal Ritson, and Michele BalduzziMastering: Mick Wordley at Mixmasters Studios in Adelaide, AU - mixmasters.com.au© 2011 Amanda Palmer & The Young Punx
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