Intern Mary » 4pm - Jan 24, 2011
These commercials aired on local Fox affiliate KTVU on February 19th, 1990.1. Whatchamacallit (One of my favorite commercials as a kid. I remember it playing all the time on Saturday mornings) 2. The Incredible Edible Egg (My dad actually has what borders on an egg phobia, so it's probably best not to ask him about them) 3. Thunder Jets Fruit Snacks ("With super fruity F-16's!") 4. Looney Tunes Die Cast Toys 5. G.I. JOE (My mom always tried to keep me away from toy guns, so I always looked at these from afar) 6. "Super Mario Bros. Super Show" commercial bumpers 7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Badges at Burger King (With Jonathan Taylor Thomas! I definitely remember having a few of these) 8. Flippits (What understated fashions) 9. "Super Mario Bros. Super Show" commercial bumper 10. Oopsie Daisy 11. Baby Bubbles 12. Sequoia Institute 13. Promo for "Who's The Boss" (Maybe that girl knew what was up with Jonathan) 14. "Super Mario Bros. Super Show" commercial...
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