Ariana Anderson » 10am - Jun 15, 2011
Transcript by http://www.newsy.comBY JIM FLINK ANCHOR MEGAN MURPHY You're watching multsource entertainment news analysis from Newsy.You think your child's paintings are good? How about 4-year-old Aelita Andre's artwork? It's on display at a New York City art gallery. That's a pretty big refrigerator door..."Aelita started painting in her hometown of Melbourne when she was just 11 months old. It wasn't long before she was exhibiting. After her artist parents Michael and Nika submitted her work to a local gallery for professional assessment. This weekend, Aleta opens her first solo show in New York -- the dream of many much older artists." (Daily Mail)As you can imagine, Aelita is also causing quite a stir in her home country -- Australia. The Sydney Morning Herald reports -- she's being compared to the all-time greats."Her show's called prodigy of color and it's selling out fast. ...Art critics have compared Aelita's work to Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollack." (Sydney...
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