Candice Coote » 4pm - Aug 30, 2011
Rino and Maryss of dance crew Beat Freaks come together to form the Geminiz and cover popular Kris Kross song "Jump". Download audio & lyrics of JUMP II for FREE! (read more) http://thegeminiz.bandcamp.com/-- The OFFICIAL Music Video for the GEMINIZ - JUMP IIThe Geminiz - Rinokinawa and Maryss from Paris also known as members from The BEAT FREAKSOriginal Song by Kris Kross "jump"http://www.thegeminiz.com http://twitter.com/thegeminizDirected by Paul Sun and Kevin Lee Edited by Kevin Lee and Andrew Rivera In association with The Social Trust http://www.thesocialtrust.com Recorded and Mixed by Peter Rocks Executive Produced by: YOVERXCast Valeria Soto, Jenny Kita, Tiana N. "Special T33" Liafau, Val "Mis Vee" Ho, Kari Salrin, Aja George, Straphanio "Shonnie" Solomon, Jayson Wright, Super Dave Royster, Sofia B., Kento Mori, Chura, Peter Rocks, Marina Toybina, Jolene, Kyoko Nakasone, Evelyn&Jean- Marie Courchinoux, Hailey Tolentino, Hannah Tolentino, Lanie...
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