The Oxford Dictionary online adds new words on a quarterly basis. I personally remember when it was last updated because I srsly had to take a Selfie to catch my expression since I couldn’t find an emoji to describe it, which made me want to vom. Also twerking.

Well it’s time to call up your bestie again because a new list of wacadoodle words have been released and I for one do not know what to do with myself (a new subentry). I kind of want a life do-over so that I could have defined myself as bookaholic heroine-worshiper on my Match profile. Maybe that experience would have been less of a crapshoot… Sorry I just got back from my bathroom break. Just because I told a toilet joke does not mean I have a toilet mouth, okay?

I believe that one could do with a little DIY in their lives but I wouldn’t go as far to call myself a DIY-er.


If these new words signify how the general populous’ lexicon is growing and changing, I am afraid to look too hard at what some of these new words mean about society.

I also think that if you find the word chugging entering more and more of your sentences, you may be on a demotivated death spiral and you should probably stop using your parents’ money to buy E tickets to EDM concerts.

But crème- de- la- crème of this list of new words has to be: the Four Cunts—cunty, cuntish, cunted, and cunting. Cuntish and cunty both mean being offensive, cunted is slang for under the influence of “drugs or alchohol, and “cunting” is an intensifier.

Oh and there are now sub- entries for cunt- lapper, cunt- bitten, and cunt- sucker.

“I’m extremely disappointed that ‘cuntitude’ didn’t make it in,” voiced an anonymous Oxford Dictionary fan.

And in related news they have also added cunnilingue, which means to perform something called cunnilingus (I asked my mom what this meant, but she wouldn’t tell me).

Check out more of 900 new words here.

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