From dazzling unicorn legs to Edenic serpentine arms, Sophie de Oliveira Barata’s imaginative prosthetic limb designs ignite childlike wonder and inspire visions of adventure and magic. Teaming up with a diverse group of artists and prosthetists to create custom limbs for her clients, de Oliveira Barata, who has advanced training in special effects prosthetics, has founded the Alternate Limb Project



While modern advancements propel the prosthetic industry towards more and more realistic artificial limbs, the Alternate Limb Project goes against the grain, offering amputees one-of-a-kind limbs that express individual tastes and fantasies. She explains, “it’s like being a superhero with super powers.” 



The model and singer Viktoria Modesta feels empowered by her alternate limb, telling CNN, "The first time I wore a limb that was so obviously bionic, it gave me a total sense of uniqueness and feeling mutant human in the best way possible." The para triathlete and motivational speaker Jo-Jo Cranfield agrees, explaining, "I wanted people to have to look at me twice with amazement.” Take a look at de Oliveira Barata’s amazing artworks below. 



Thanks to CNN and Beautiful/Decay

Images via Beautiful/Decay

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