BUST Internship Application

URGENT! Are you a grammar geek? Love to write? We're looking for blog interns right now! Apply here.

Computer Geek? BUST is also looking for a Webtern. To apply, go here.

Thanks so much for your interest in interning at BUST! We can use all the free help we can get, so we are always looking for interns. Unfortunately, due to limitations in space in our office we can only have a few interns a time working for us.

Before you apply, please know that these are the kinds of tasks that we usually need interns to do. If you are not interested in performing these kinds of tasks, we understand, but please do not apply for this internship. Also, please note: internships are unpaid.

  • Picking up mail from our P.O. Box
  • Delivering and picking up packages for us around Manhattan
  • Entering subscriber data
  • Replying to subscriber emails
  • Making copies, faxing, filing, etc
  • Handling mail, depositing checks in the bank
  • Helping with office clean-up, including taking out trash and washing dishes
  • Scanning images (for design interns)
  • Maintaining certain areas of bust.com, including the Hot Dates calendar, The BUSTLounge, and the Girl Wide Web.
  • Posting relevant items to the BUSTblog
  • Assist in compiling the weekly BUSTline e-newsletter
  • Managing product requests
  • Fact-checking and proofreading
  • Reading and rating article submissions
  • There's also the opportunity to do some writing/designing for the magazine, but that will most likely account for only a small percentage of the work you do with us.

Still interested? Great! Please fill out the form below.  

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Will you have housing in New York City? If not, where will you stay during your internship? (*)

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In order for us to get an idea of your writing style, please answer the following two questions in at least one full paragraph each. Feel free to be casual and quippy, but please keep in mind that we'll be looking closely at your grammar, spelling, and general ability to present an idea clearly.

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